My Bloody Valentine -

Break Room Open

Feb 14th & Feb 15th

Why break down, when you can smash it up?

  1. Choose your weapon.  We have a complete arsenal of weapons perfect for smashing it up!
  2. Choose your breakables.  We offer multiple packages of breakables of different sizes.  We can even print out & add photos to picture frames for a personalized smash session!
  3. Hulk smash away!

B.Y.O.B.- Bring Your Own Breakables

With the purchase of any package, you can add on your own box of smashable items for a small fee per box! No TVs or electronics.


Single Smash- 1 person, 12 small breakables & 1 electronic (10 minute time limit):  $15

Rage Against Romance (add on)- 1 person, 1 large item (toilet, washing machine, etc) to pound away on (5 minute time limit):  $25

Couple's Smash- up to 2 people, 24 small breakables, & 1 electronic (15 minute time limit):  $25

Love/ Hate Relationship - Up to 2 people, 24 small breakables, 2 electronics, 1 large item $50

B.Y.O.B.- Bring your own breakables and burnables! Bring a small/ medium box of things to destroy in our Smash Room or Burn Barrel for some cathartic release! (10 min time limit in Break Room. Burn as slowly as you'd like!)

Picture in a frame (Add on)- We will print out any photograph you want and put it in a frame for you to smash in addition to your package.  You can even use it as a target!:  $5 each