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Castle Escapes coming soon.

Greetings to all who enjoy a good scare! Have you had enough horror this year? Probably not. Neither have we.

Like everything else, the 2020 Halloween season is still unclear. What is certain is this: WE WILL HAVE ONE. It might be a little different than usual, but it will be there.

Our scare-makers are working hard to ensure we will have options available for the halloween season and they will be ready on time.

After a Gremlin attack in our servers, our website went down for a while. We finally found time (quarantine, anyone?) to update it back to its former glory.

Pretty soon we sill be introducing a new option of entertainment: our VIRTUAL ESCAPE ROOMS. Starting with “Hunt for the Crimson Fang” we will offer virtual escape experiences for groups of 2 to 10 people.

More updates coming soon. Until then, stay safe everyone!