Halloween Events


Dark Knight's Terror Trail

The portal has reopened and found a permanent home at the Dark Castle.  Explore the Dark Knight's realm on a fully guided outdoor trail through the woods to see what goes bump in the night.  Run time: approx 30 minutes


Dungeon of Darkness

Step into our Dungeon of Darkness on a mostly guided indoor haunted house experience to see what is lurking behind the Dark Castle Walls.  Sometimes, the dead are the not as frigtening as the living. Run time: approx 25 minutes


Zombie Zone

Take action with our interactive zombie survival scenario.  Round 1- YOU are armed with a paintball gun to clear the area of infected.  Round 2- You must go back through armed with an axe to find the cure. Be careful though, our zombies bite back! Run time: approx 30 mins

Halloween Event Calendar

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Brisk Breakouts

Take a stab at one of our five minute escape rooms!

Time is NOT on your side!

All new - Break Room

Now introducing The Break Room- Rage room for smashing stuff!
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Say Hello Clarice

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