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Dark Castle Pricing

“Haunted Attraction” refers to The Zombie Zone, The Dungeon of Darkness (Indoor), and The Dark Knight’s Terror Trail (Outdoor)

1 Haunted Attraction:  $13

2 Haunted Attractions:  $22

3 Haunted Attractions:  $30

1 Escape Room:  $5

2 Escape Rooms:  $8

R.I.P. Ticket:  Includes all 3 haunted attractions with fastpasses, entry into our escape rooms, entry into our exclusive VIP room where YOU can scare other customers, and a souvenir!  $60

Pricing is per person. Group rates available for parties of 15 or more!

Break Room Pricing

Quick Break- 1 person, 12 small breakables & 1 electronic (10 minute time limit):  $15

Double Trouble- up to 2 people, 24 small breakables, & 1 electronic (15 minute time limit):  $25

Hard Smash Item- 1 person, 1 large item (toilet, washing machine, etc) to pound away on (5 minute time limit):  $25

HULK Smash – Up to 2 people, 24 small breakables, 2 electronics, 1 large item $50

BYOB- Bring Your Own Breakables- Bring a small/medium box of breakables to add to any package:  $10

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